9th September 2017

Terms & Conditions

Please read the below before you enter. It is essential that you understand your undertaking fully:

To participate it is essential that competitors:

  1. Are fully aware that the course is largely unsupported with hugely varied terrain. Ranging from basic man made forestry trail through to technical, steep, uneven, rocky mountain paths.
  2. Have a real capacity for self-sufficiency and the ability to deal without outside help conditions including but not limited to, wind, cold, heat, fog, ice, snow and night/darkness.
  3. Have a real ability to manage one’s body in the event of serious fatigue, physical and mental stress caused by pushing ones body to the limit including dehydration, digestive problems, muscular or joint pain and strains e.g ankle.
  4. Must take full responsibility for existing medical conditions and should not take part if the medical condition poses a threat to safety.
  5. Are fully aware, that it is not the role of the organization to help a runner to overcome these problems and that for such an activity in the mountains, security depends upon the capacity of the runner to adapt to the problems encountered, or envisaged.
  6. Must be 18 or above on the day of the race. Anyone found to be under the age of 18 will be disqualified.
  7. Must carry at all times the compulsory items listed in the race details or face the possibility of disqualification.